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Whether you’re thinking about student loans to pay for your college tuition, or you’ve already graduated and have student loan debt to pay back, there is a lot to learn about student loans. Understanding certain aspects of student loans can make it easier to pay back your debt and can help you avoid defaulting. Some […]

    Are your student loan payments becoming so overwhelming, that you’re beginning to fall behind? Student loans usually need paid back in full, but there is something called debt forgiveness, which can allow eligible borrowers to have all or a portion of their debt discharged. The following are some ways you may be able to […]

Student loans are a common way for many students to pay for their tuition and other college expenses, but there are various options that a student may be able to choose from. Student loans can be classified into one of two groups—government loans and private loans—but there is more to consider than just choosing between […]

  When you’re in college, it can be easy to overlook the financial aspects. But as a young adult that is just starting out in the real world, it’s vital to know that certain choices will help to build a financial foundation for several years to come. A couple financial blunders in your late teens […]

With tuition, room and board, books and other materials, college students may face anywhere from $22,000 to $43,000 worth of college expenses in just one year. These costs only continue to go up. As a way to pay for these substantial costs, many people turn to student loans. But student loans are an easy way […]

When it comes to your finances, you may be your own worst enemy. The following are some ways that you may be slowly sabotaging your finances without realizing it. Living beyond your means While it may be reasonable to splurge once in a while, it’s also important to be realistic about what you can afford. […]

Ivy League schools offer some of the best college educations available, but they are also some of the most expensive, especially without financial assistance from loans, grants, or scholarships. The following is some information about the top Ivy League schools in the United States, with facts about the schools, including average tuition costs. Cornell University […]

College can be expensive—the current national average for a four-year college education ranges anywhere from $10,000 to beyond $40,000, and costs continue to go up. There is a lot to consider when it comes to paying for college, including tuition, housing costs, books and materials, etc. Additionally, the cost of college tuition can be even […]

New college graduates normally have a six-month transition period before they are required to start paying off their student loans.  By following some simple rules, new college graduates can make the student loan repayment process manageable by taking control of their finances. Proactively working with your lender now will make for an effective transition to […]