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Utility bills can fluctuate from month to month, and they can almost seem to double (or triple) during certain times of the year. The good news is that there are some simple ways you can cut down on these monthly costs. The following tips can you help you to lower your utility bills: Lights Although […]

Most of us assume that our monthly utility bills are correct, and many people will simply pay them without giving them a second thought or scrutinizing the cost breakdown. Some people even have their utility bills set up on an automatic payment deduction schedule, and even though they might receive bills through the mail or […]

Reducing food expenses:   Don’t just settle on the supermarket that is nearest to you. If there is another one close by, compare the costs of the items you purchase frequently and make sure you’re shopping at the place with the better deals. Many generic brands for things such as cereals, cleaners, condiments, and so […]

While there are certain things that often cannot be reduced on a monthly basis, such as your rent or mortgage, there are other expenses that can be lowered with proper budgeting and planning. Some of these things include car expenses, utility bills, and food costs. Often, people contact us and ask “can I sell my […]

Many people wonder if their timely and consistent utility bill payments will do anything to positively impact their credit score.  Unfortunately, utility bills will usually only show up on a credit report when they’re late. In most states, providers aren’t required to report regular payment histories to credit bureaus. As a matter of fact, there are major […]