How to buy cheap airline tickets

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It seems that lately, prices for air travel have certainly seemed to skyrocket. So how can you score some airline tickets at a bargain rate?

Research the average fare cost

If you’re not well traveled, this is an important first step. If you’re not sure what the average airfare for a particular route goes for, it can be difficult to gauge if the fare you’re looking at at any given time is a great deal, average price, or absurdly expensive. Do some research to see what the average cost is, but make sure you aren’t looking at statistics that are too old.

Book in advance, but not too far in advance

It’s certainly possible to score some last-minute bargains, but highly unlikely. On the flip side, booking very far in advance might possibly result in a great deal, but not always the best. While there isn’t, unfortunately, an exact science to it, the sweet spot for booking airfare at its lowest price is approximately six to eight weeks before your travel dates.

The day of the week can make a difference

Prices can fluctuate drastically in just one day—sometimes even in a matter of hours. The price you see on a Friday, throughout the weekend, and on a Monday will likely be higher than the fares available from Tuesday to Thursday. In other words, you’re likely better off booking your plane tickets in the middle of the week.

Compare search tools and use different resources

Don’t just book the first ticket you find because it seems like a great deal—you may be able to score an even better deal. Compare different airlines, but also compare different resources. Try large booking engines, such as Kayak and Expedia, and also try directly looking at various airline websites. You should also contact a travel agency to see if they can get you an even lower price than what you found online. And if you’re booking a hotel room and/or a rental car at the destination you’re headed to, enquire about packages. In some cases, a packaged deal will save you a lot of money and significantly lower the cost of your airfare.


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