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It seems that lately, prices for air travel have certainly seemed to skyrocket. So how can you score some airline tickets at a bargain rate?

Travel on weekdays if possible

If your departure or return flight falls on a Friday or weekend day, you’re going to pay a premium for it. If you have a flexible schedule that will allow you to depart and/or return mid-week, take advantage of the opportunity to score discounted airfare.

Avoid holidays

Even more expensive than traveling on the weekend is traveling during the holidays. If you’re planning a holiday trip, try to go a couple weeks before or after the holiday and you’ll notice big savings.

Be on the lookout for promotions

Follow the major airlines on their social media accounts and sign up for their newsletters so you’ll know when their offering special promotions that can help you save a lot on your next trip. For example, when airlines introduce a new route, it’s likely that they might offer a great deal in airfare, mileage bonuses (which can help you save on future trips), and other promotions.

Book multiple flights

Are you flying to Hawaii, but connecting in Los Angeles? Sometimes, it’s cheaper to book your flight separately to your point of connection, and then booking another ticket from that airport to your final destination. But only do so if the savings is significant (which it can be), otherwise, it may not be worth the trouble or risk. Be sure to allow yourself ample time to switch from one plane to the next (you’ll need to pick up your baggage and re-enter security when you do this), and take in account the possibility of flight delays. It’s better to be hanging around the airport for a few hours then scrambling to make your next flight.

Use miles

Even if you don’t have enough miles in your account for a free ticket, apply them towards the airfare cost and then purchase the difference (the easiest way to do this usually is by purchasing more miles). If you haven’t been collecting miles, you might want to start. Some credit cards offer airline points for every purchase, so that’s a good place to begin. Additionally, if you know you’re going to be traveling somewhat often, you might want to consider being loyal to one airline alliance. You might not always be booking the cheapest ticket when you do this, but ultimately, you could easily rack up enough points to book a free round-trip ticket for just about anywhere in the world.

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