6 simple ways to save money on a cruise, continued

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A cruise can be a great way to explore the world, and for a good price, too. But it’s usually once you get on the ship that most of the expenses seem to rack up, but there are some easy ways to cut back on these costs:

Take advantage of the free food

Day and night, all of your food on a cruise ship is included. Be sure to take full advantage of this and avoid eating off the ship as little as possible. Eat breakfast before you leave the ship in the morning when it docks, even though it may be tempting to leave as quickly as possible and begin your day. If you will be near the ship in the early afternoon, return for lunch. Wait until you’re back on the ship later in the afternoon or early in the evening to have dinner; if your ship is docked at a port overnight, be sure to return to the ship for dinner.

Don’t buy Internet

The Internet charges on a cruise ship can be expensive, and can especially add up on longer cruises. Depending on where you go, there’s also a good chance that your connection won’t even be very strong. If you can’t go without the Internet for the entire duration of your trip, look for Internet cafes at your ports of call. Just about every city will have them, but the costs will be lower and the speed will probably be faster.

Shore excursions

Excursions can be a great, stress-free way to explore a port of call as it takes the complications out of the planning process. But these excursions aren’t cheap, either. Instead of automatically assuming that the cruise line’s excursions are the way to go, do some research ahead of time and find out if you’re better off just doing your own thing. For example, you might be spending $75.00 per person for what’s essentially a round-trip shuttle ride to a nearby beach, when you could’ve just gotten a taxi ride to and from the exact same beach for only $10.00 total.

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