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Are you long overdue for a vacation, but don’t want to travel far or spend too much money? Consider the idea of a staycation. As the name suggests, a staycation is a way to experience your own city in a whole new way—from a tourist’s point of view! Here are some ways you can experience a fun-filled staycation without spending much:

Check out a cheaper, neighboring city

If you live in a big, expensive city, that staycation might not come too cheap. Instead, why not drive 15 or 30 minutes outside of that bustling metropolis and check out that quaint, charming town you’ve been meaning to visit?


Do you live near or in a great area for camping? As long as weather permits, camping can be an extremely cheap (and fun) way to spend your next staycation.

Take advantage of online deals and coupons

Do you have a lot of Groupons or Living Social deals that you’ve purchased, but never got around to using? Offering everything from dining to entertainment, these coupons can significantly slash the cost of your staycation.

Explore the beauty of your area and its free activities

You live in a coastal city, but never have time for the beach—or you live in a mountain town and your schedule has been too busy for one of the many scenic hikes that are accessible just a short drive away. Just about every city has something unique, amazing, and completely free to offer tourists—and while you’re spending some time as one, take advantage of those activities.

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