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The following tips can help you get the best hotel rates:

Explore all-inclusive options

If you’re looking for ways to save on your trip as a whole, see if there are any all-inclusive resorts in the area you’re visiting. If the rates are within your budget, but higher than you were hoping to pay, consider the fact that all-inclusive resorts are just that: everything is included. This means all your meals and select resort activities do not come with an extra charge and are all wrapped into the hotel rate. Be sure to crunch some numbers to see if you’re getting a better deal by opting for all-inclusive.

Last minute, same-day deals

While booking in advance is often the way to go, sometimes booking last minute—as in, very last minute—can mean huge savings. Apps like Hotel Tonight can give you hotel options in just about any city for that evening, and the discounts are often 50 percent off or more. This can be a great option for saving on a hotel if you’re on a road trip or you’re planning a last minute getaway.

Take advantage of packages

If you’re also booking airfare, plus a rental car, check out the vacation package deals that are offered by the airline. You may find some packages that include the hotel at practically little to no charge.

Consider private rentals

If you’re looking for something a little different and want to escape the traditional hotel experience, consider a private rental. These homes away from home can offer ample square footage for large families, often for a fraction of the cost of a hotel suite.

Membership offers and discounts

Several memberships will provide discounts to hotels all across the world. Examples of memberships that offer these types of discounts include wholesale clubs, such as Costco, and AAA.

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