6 ways to protect your money while traveling

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Protecting your valuables is important no matter where you go, but you can be especially vulnerable when you’re visiting new territory that you’re completely unfamiliar with. Losing your money or getting robbed while traveling can quickly ruin your vacation, and can also leave you in a very difficult situation. Take proper precautions by protecting your money while traveling by doing the following:

Limit the amount of cash you carry

You’re better off traveling with traveler’s checks and a credit card, but sometimes, you’ll need cash to pay for things. Avoid bringing too much on your trip to begin with, and don’t carry it all with you every time you leave your hotel room. Make sure that you only carry a small amount with you when you venture out, and lock up the rest (plus your passport and debit card) in your room’s safe.

Buy an anti-theft bag

Backpacks and bags can be slashed, and many different types of purses and bags can be easily swiped before you have a second to even process what happened. However, you can avoid becoming a victim by purchasing an anti-theft bag, which is designed specifically to protect your belongings while you’re out and about. A high quality, anti-theft bag will be cut-proof, have locking zippers, and provide other safety features that ordinary bags don’t usually offer.

Carry an extra wallet

Getting pick-pocketed or robbed can truly can be a scary thing, but sadly, it does happen. If you stand out well as a tourist, you could become a target, especially if you end up in an area or neighborhood with a high crime rate. The last thing you want to do is struggle with anyone who may be a threat to your safety, but this doesn’t have to mean you lose everything you have on you, either. Carry an extra wallet on you that you can use just in case, with just a couple dollars inside, and keep your real wallet hidden in your anti-theft bag.

Bring a backup credit card

If the worst-case scenario happens and you are robbed of your credit cards and cash, you want to make sure you aren’t completely wiped out. Bring a backup credit card with you that you keep in your safe at all times. Should something happen, you can at least take comfort in knowing that you have another way to take care of your expenditures for the remainder of your trip.

Don’t keep all of your money in one place

No matter where you are during your travels, it’s important not to keep all of the money you brought with you in one place. Keep some on you and in your anti-theft bag, some in your hotel room safe, and some in your locked suitcase. This way, it will be much more unlikely that you will lose all of the money that you brought with you.

Check your credit card statements online

Whenever you use your debit or credit card, be careful if the card leaves your sight, even if for a moment (for example, at a restaurant). Check your statements online daily to verify charges, and keep an eye on them after you return home, too. If anyone stole your credit card information on your trip, you can take action to dispute the charges and change your credit card information. Just remember to be careful whenever you’re logging into email accounts and financial websites on shared Internet networks, and that you’re on a secure server. To double-check that you’re on a secure savor, make sure that “https” is in the beginning of the URL, rather than just “http.” This ensures that the information is encrypted and that hackers can’t steal your information.

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